Dental Crowns Restore a Tooth’s Strength and Appearance


Dental crowns are a great way to maintain healthy teeth and a bright smile. Also called caps, crowns are a type of restoration that covers an entire tooth, and can be used either for cosmetic or restorative purposes. Your crown will be customized for a precise fit and to blend beautifully with your natural teeth. Our Philadelphia cosmetic dentists, Dr. Maurry Leas and Dr. Jonathan Siegel, are focused on delivering great, quality care to our valued patients. To learn more about how dental crowns can benefit you, contact our Philadelphia practice and schedule an appointment.

An Overview on Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are customized restorations that are crafted in a lab. Unlike fillings, inlays, or onlays, crowns completely encase the entire visible portion of the tooth. For this reason, they are very effective at strengthening a weakened tooth, and can also restore its natural shape, size, and appearance.

Crown placement usually takes just two short visits to our office. During the first visit, your dentist will remove any decayed or damaged parts of the tooth. Next, he will gently reshape the tooth to accommodate the crown, select the best shade for your restoration, and take impressions of your teeth.

You will likely receive a temporary dental crown to protect your tooth until your restoration is complete. Once your permanent crown is ready, you will return to our office. During this appointment, your crown will be placed and secured with a dental cement, and it will appear and function like a healthy, natural tooth.

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Common Applications

Crowns are often recommended to:

  • Hold together a cracked tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has been severely worn down
  • Protect a tooth with a large filling
  • Secure a dental bridge which replaces missing teeth
  • Restore a missing tooth as part of a dental implant
  • Enhance misshapen or severely discolored teeth

If a tooth’s health has been compromised, a crown is often the best way to prevent tooth loss in the future. Once an oral health issue is diagnosed, your dentist should be able to help determine whether a crown is right for you

Benefits of our Philadelphia Dental Crowns

A crown essentially functions as a layer of artificial enamel, shielding the soft inner tissue (dentin) which is integral to the tooth’s continued health. Without a dental crown, a weakened tooth is subject to further decay and damage, a condition which will eventually necessitate an extraction. Retaining your natural teeth is also beneficial to your oral health because it helps the jaw maintain a healthy bone density, which keeps adjacent teeth from shifting or becoming loose.

With proper care, a dental crown can last for many years. Your crown will feel no different from the rest of your teeth, and will allow you to eat all your favorite foods without pain or fear of further damage. Finally, porcelain crowns mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Their customizable color and enamel-like texture blend in invisibly with your smile. We can place dental crowns in our Philadelphia dental office in just one office visit.

Learn More During a Consultation

If you have damaged a tooth or have a cosmetic concern, a crown can provide a lasting restoration and enhance the appearance of your smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us today.

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