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A New Method for Treating Cavities

By October 24, 2017No Comments

A New Method for Treating Cavities in Philadelphia

For many years dental patients have gone to have cavities filled, and have to brave the injection and drilling process. This technique to rid a patient of their cavities may be getting an upgrade that involves no numbing and no drilling. The newest method, called resin-infiltration, is in clinical trials now, and researchers believe it could be the biggest advancement in the dental industry in years. Patients looking for a dentist in Philadelphia may have new options for fillings in the future.

Traditional Cavity Filling

The usual method to treat a cavity is for the dentist to inject a numbing agent into the patient’s gum and drill into the tooth to find the cavity. However, this can be traumatic for the patient and can damage the tissue around the affected area.

What is Resin Infiltration?

Resin infiltration involves applying resin to space in between the patient’s teeth. The area must be smooth and the cavity cannot be too large. Cavities located at the top of teeth cannot be treated with the resin infiltration. For now, the only way the resin can be utilized is for small cavities that are in between teeth, though there are expectations of adapting this method to expand its use.

How Does Resin-Infiltration Work

A dentist begins by cleaning the cavity, which is accomplished by placing a gel between two teeth. The gel readies the tooth to accept the resin product, which is applied by placing a plastic sheet in between the teeth afflicted with cavities. Finally, the tooth is filled by placing liquid resin to the sheet, and lastly, a dental curing light is used to secure and harden the resin.

A New Method for Treating Cavities

For more information about treating cavities or to learn about the newest treatments in the dental industry, contact our dental practice in Philadelphia today. Dentistry at 1818 Market St. is always searching for the best way to ensure patients have an amazing and healthy smile.