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At Dentistry at 1818 Market Street, we offer several different kinds of dentures. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing implant-supported dentures.

Implant-supported dentures are also known as permanent dentures, semi-permanent dentures, all-in-four or all-on-four dentures, snap-in or snap-on dentures, and there’s probably more ways to refer to them.

Implant-supported dentures are exactly what they sound like.

Let’s start by explaining what a dental implant is. A dental implant is an artificial tooth and root system that looks and functions like a natural tooth. A metal titanium post is surgically placed in the jaw bone to mimic a tooth root; this is the implant. Then a crown is attached to the top. With implant-supported dentures, the implant root (the metal post) is placed, an abutment (part of the post) iis attached to the top, but there is no crown attached. Instead the complete arch prosthesis (denture) attaches to the installed abutments. In short, they are a full set of artificial teeth that are held in your mouth by metal posts which are surgically installed into your gums and jaw.

The entire procedure takes several months, due to the healing that is necessary for the procedure to be effective. Once the metal posts are placed, your gums heal around it and your jaw bone fuses with the implant. This healing process is the crucial step to ensuring that your dentures have a strong foundation. This means you’ll need to visit our Center City, Philadelphia dental office more than once for this procedure.

You can think of implant-supported dentures as the middle ground between traditional dentures which use adhesive and permanent, full arch dentures which are typically more expensive. Implant-supported dentures may be a good option for someone who is looking for an affordable, but long-lasting and natural-looking solution for replacement teeth. Implant-supported dentures can drastically change a person’s life – from one’s appearance to eating.

Compared to traditional dentures, patients typically get better satisfaction and improvement in quality of life with implant-supported dentures.

The way the dentures attach to the implants, combined with the sturdiness of the implant, creates a look and feel you can be confident in. Our patients at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street often tell us they wish they would have gotten their implant-supported dentures sooner.

Unlike dentures that use adhesive, implant-supported dentures don’t easily fall out or unexpectedly fall out. The implants have posts that stick out of the top of your natural gums and the dentures are fitted to snap on and off of that post. The term “all-on-four” or “all-in-four” is used when there are just four posts used to secure the denture. Our dentist will assess how many implants would be recommended for your particular case during your initial consultation at our dental office at 1818 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.

When the natural teeth are removed to prepare for traditional dentures, the jaw bone starts to weaken and will gradually resorb (dissolve). This continues to happen over the years that traditional dentures are worn. However, dental implants actually preserve and even strengthen the jaw bone as they fuse together and form a permanent bond.
You may even be able to improve your diet by including fruits & vegetables, steaks, corn on the cob, and other foods people with traditional dentures typically avoid. With implant supported dentures, you get 3 times the biting force so you can eat normally as you would with your natural teeth. Also, implant-supported dentures significantly improve patients’ confidence to smile and speak.

This type of denture is removable, and you’ll be able to snap it on and off as many times as needed. This means that cleaning and maintaining the denture is just as easy as traditional dentures.

If you’re tired of uncomfortable dentures and are looking for an alternative which feels comparable to having your own teeth back again, then implant-supported dentures could be the right solution for you. Each patient’s treatment is as unique as their mouth – everyone is different. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our dentists at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street. Our dental professionals will help you decide what is best for you.

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