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Dealing With Sore Teeth After a Cleaning

You should be scheduling dental appointments twice a year. This is necessary to get your oral health inspected and so that your teeth get thoroughly cleaned. Some patients will experience sore teeth following a procedure, and there are a few ways you can go about dealing with any discomfort.

Dealing With Sore Teeth After a Cleaning

Dealing With Sore Teeth After a Cleaning
See Your Dentist Regularly

One reason why people experience teeth being sore after a cleaning is that a lot of work had to be done to remove plaque. If it has been a few years since your last appointment, then a lot of plaque may have built up. It will take the dentist more time to get rid of it all, and as a result, your teeth might feel a little uncomfortable following the procedure. An easy way to prevent this is to schedule cleanings once every six months so that less work needs to be done.

Communicate With Your Dental Team 

If you see a dentist often and still experience sore teeth afterward, then it is a good idea to tell that to your dentist. Sometimes the procedure can be modified in order to prevent any discomfort afterward. Communication is also crucial during the actual cleaning. If something does not feel right, then tell that to your dentist.

Take a Pain Reliever

Some people are just more prone to having uncomfortable-feeling teeth after a dental cleaning. If you are one of them, then your dentist will give you instructions on what you can do when you get home to deal with the soreness. Many times, you just need to take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen to feel better. If you have any concerns a few days following your appointment, then contact the office right away.

Having sore teeth after a dental appointment is not fun. However, most of the time it goes away quickly. Do not put your oral health in jeopardy because you are afraid of potential soreness and schedule cleanings regularly.