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Dental Exams: What Happens During a Checkup?

By October 18, 2014No Comments

171139052-xsRegular dental visits take place every six months, which doesn’t seem like too many. Some people think they can skip one visit or a few and still be fine as long as they brush and floss. That’s actually not the case. The team at Dentistry at 1818 in Philadelphia knows this is an important fact, and that basic preventative and general dentistry services are crucial for patient health and wellness.

Regular Dental Exams Shouldn’t Be Taken for Granted

Even if you do brush twice a day and floss every night, there are many things that your dentist will do that you can’t accomplish at home on your own. This is why seeing your dentist twice a year is part of good oral hygiene–it’s like bringing your car in for an oil change or regular maintenance.

Getting X-Rays and Undergoing Advanced Diagnostics

One of the keys of a dental exam is x-rays and other kinds of diagnostics. These will allow your dentist to analyze the various structures of your mouth at a closer level, determining ideal treatment options for any problems that you may be experiencing.

Professional Cleaning and Polishing for the Hard to Reach Places

During your dental visit, you will also undergo a thorough cleaning of your teeth using a professional electric brush and special scraping tools. This will allow your dentist and the hygienist to get at all of the hard to reach places in your mouth and make sure your teeth are completely clean right down to the gumline.

Identifying Issues with the Teeth and Gums

In addition to the x-rays and the other imaging tests that may be done, your dentist will also check your teeth individually and note any issues with your gums (e.g., recession, discoloration, sores). This careful check of the structures of your mouth can help identify many different kinds of dental problems.

Discussing Dental Health Issues with You In Person

If you notice any issues with pain, discomfort, or other odd things involving your mouth, it’s a good idea to discuss these matters with your dentist during the examination. The one-on-one, face-to-face conversation that you will have with a dentist means that you can discuss a diverse array of dental problems that may not be readily apparent even from x-rays.

Planning Future Dental Care Needs

If you need a filling, have to get treatment for gum disease, could use a deep cleaning (aka root planing and scaling), or have other dental treatment needs in the future, these can be discussed during the visit. Planning and discussing the need for future treatment is a great way to ensure good results and high levels of patient satisfaction.

Offering Tips for Preventing Dental Problems

During your dental visit, it is not uncommon for your dentist to provide you with some tips for prevention and for improving your overall dental health. These tips will be tailored to your needs and current dental health concerns. This is also a chance to ask questions about trends in oral hygiene or health that you may have overheard. Again, the dialogue is great for enhancing your dental health.

Schedule a Dental Exam Today

If you would like to learn more about all of your options for advanced dental care treatment, be sure to contact our cosmetic and restorative dentistry center today. The entire team here at Dentistry at 1818 looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best dental health possible.