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How to Handle Changes to Your Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

How to Handle Changes to Your Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

Having a child is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life. However, a mother’s body goes through various changes during pregnancy, even causing problems with her dental health. While optimizing diet and exercise is a strong way to overcome any afflictions, seeing your local dentist in Philadelphia regularly during pregnancy is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Following these easy steps to handle changes during this period can help protect your winning smile.

Keep Up Your Daily Oral Health Regimen

Though you’re undoubtedly stressed while thinking about the million different tasks you need to complete before baby comes, it’s important not to let your daily dental habits fall by the wayside. Regularly brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day is a great regimen to follow, while using mouthwash intermittently after meals can be beneficial as well. Drinking ample water and ignoring detrimental foods with lots of starch or sugar is also essential to avoiding oral health issues.

Stay on Top of Routine Dental Visits

Keeping a regular schedule of dental appointments is crucial for your oral care, especially before and during pregnancy. Expecting mothers, or even those simply trying to get pregnant, should prioritize the health of their teeth and gums. Though misconceptions surrounding the effects of X-rays and other dental procedures on pregnant women have been spread around in recent years, your local dentist in Philadelphia will tell you these rumors are simply not true.

Act Fast if You Do Notice Unhealthy Changes

Dental problems can arise quickly, so paying careful attention to any sudden changes is highly important. Gingivitis is a common ailment with expecting mothers, and this can lead to the onset of periodontitis, both of which can be harmful to you and your baby if not treated in the beginning stages.

To prevent or treat dental hygiene issues before, during or after pregnancy, visit your local dentist in Philadelphia for the best in oral health care. After all, the health of your baby relies on the health of his/her mother as well.

How to Handle Changes to Your Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

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