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Preventative Dentistry Tips You Can’t Ignore

By December 28, 2017No Comments

Preventative Dentistry Tips You Can’t Ignore in Philadelphia

Everyone knows that the best way to prevent dental health issues is to brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis; however, these aren’t the only ways to keep your mouth safe. If you want to keep your teeth looking healthy, white, and shiny, use some of these tips that aren’t always talked about.

 If you’ve mentioned that you play sports to your dentist, you’ve probably heard about the importance of wearing a mouth guard. While high-impact sports can be a major threat to your teeth, they aren’t the only factor. For example, if you move around a lot in your sleep or are suffering from sleep apnea, wearing a mouth guard can help you prevent damage to your teeth. If you are in a high-stress situation and find yourself grinding your teeth, investing in a mouth guard could help.

Watch What You Chew

It’s no secret that candy and sugary snacks can cause plaque buildup and cavities. If you really want to avoid a trip to the dentist in Philadelphia, then you need to pay close attention to anything you put in your mouth. Aside from eating a healthy, balanced diet, you should also avoid chewing on hard objects. This can cause damage to your teeth.

Avoid Stains on Your Teeth

There are several substances that can change the color of teeth over time. Tobacco is a prime example, as it slowly turns the teeth yellow. Other examples can include soda, especially if you are drinking several cans per day and not brushing. While some things can be harder to give up than others, moderating your usage can make a big difference when it comes to preventative dentistry in Philadelphia.

There are several things you can do to prevent dental issues. Schedule an appointment with a local dentist today to discuss ways to make your mouth healthier.

Preventative Dentistry Tips You Can’t Ignore

For more information about treating cavities or to learn about the newest treatments in the dental industry, contact our dental practice in Philadelphia today. Dentistry at 1818 Market St. is always searching for the best way to ensure patients have an amazing and healthy smile.