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Tips for Getting Restorative Sleep

Restorative sleep Philadelphia

Tips for Getting Restorative Sleep

When you are having trouble getting a proper amount of restorative sleep, you probably do not think to call your dentist in Philadelphia. Sleep and oral health are more connected than you likely realize. While your dentist can certainly provide you with additional tips, here are some ways you can get a better night’s rest on your own.

Practice Stimulus Control

Your bed should only be used for sleeping. Avoid using it as the place you lie when you watch television or use your laptop. If possible, you should keep your bedroom as dark as possible. Avoid electronics in your bedroom that have consistent flashing lights because it can disrupt your sleep cycle.

Meditate Before Sleeping

You do not want to be stimulating your senses right before bed. That means you should not be having big meals right before you go to sleep. You should also avoid doing any strenuous work. Instead, you should try to relax yourself. Listen to soothing music and practice muscle relaxation. You should find it is much easier to fall asleep.

Exercise in the Morning

Exercise is a great way to tire yourself out, so you fall asleep faster. However, you want to be certain you are doing your most strenuous exercises in the morning. If you exercise during the evening, your stress hormones will be offset, and you will find yourself tossing and turning.

Check Your Mattress

Your reason for having stressful nights might be related to the bed you have. You may need a different kind of mattress that provides you with greater support. You can also look into getting a body pillow so that you can elevate certain parts of your body.

In the event your sleepless nights are a result of sleep apnea or another sleeping disorder, then you will want to see your dentist in Philadelphia right away. Restorative sleep is essential for having more productive days, so do not neglect this component of your day.

Tips for Getting Restorative Sleep

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