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8 Things You Can’t Hide From Your Dentist

By October 25, 2016No Comments

Your dentist doesn’t need many tools to assess your dental hygiene habits. Here are some things you just can’t hide.

8 Things You Can’t Hide From Your Dentist

  1. You Drink Sugary Beverages

Sugary drinks wear your enamel, which makes it easier for you to chip or break your teeth. Weak teeth are a good indicator that you drink sodas and other high-sugar beverages.

  1. You Drink Coffee

Coffee stains your teeth in a predictable way. You can brush all day long and never remove the telltale signs of habitual coffee consumption.

  1. You Nibble on Your Nails

Nail biters typically have flatter front teeth due to the constant chewing. You may even have small chips or cracks on your preferred biters.

  1. You Were a Thumb Sucker

Thumb sucking provides a sense of comfort when you’re a kid, but it can cause dramatic shifts in your teeth. Your dentist can spot a thumb sucker by an overbite or angled front teeth.

  1. You Have a Baby on the Way

Gingivitis is a huge giveaway for an otherwise healthy woman. Due to fluctuations in hormones, many women experience bacterial changes in their mouths that lead to infection and inflammation.

  1. You Have a GI Problem

Stinky breath isn’t just unattractive; it can also indicate a gastrointestinal issue. If you have putrid breath, you might receive questions about your overall health and eating habits.

  1. You Are Diabetic

Abnormal swelling, bleeding or decay may indicate that you may have a blood sugar imbalance, which is linked to over-consuming sugary beverages.

  1. You Never Floss

Your dentist knows right away whether you floss or not, so don’t bother lying to try and win brownie points.

You can’t hide too much from dental professionals. Just be honest so that they can give you the best care and treatment possible. Take their recommendations seriously to ensure you receive a clean bill of health on your next visit.

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