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Electric vs. Traditional Toothbrushes – Which Is the Best Option?

Electric vs. Traditional Toothbrushes – Which Is the Best Option?

One glance down the oral care aisle of any supermarket or drugstore will tell you that there are countless options to choose from. From techy electric toothbrushes to traditional bristled toothbrushes, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which type suits your needs best.


While there is no right or wrong answer, the best toothbrush will depend on your specific dental care needs and lifestyle. Here are some pros and cons for both electric and traditional toothbrushes.


Electric Toothbrushes

Do you dread the thought of brushing your teeth twice a day? Or maybe you have small children who you want to become enthused about their dental care routine? Electric toothbrushes are a fun and easy way to maintain oral health.


These brushes are major timesavers. Many models provide between 6,000 to 30,000 strokes per minute, which makes the time you spend brushing more efficient. This is also helpful for people who don’t have the best brushing technique.


One thing to get used to with an electric toothbrush? The vibrating sensation. While many users credit this feature with helping their mouth feel even cleaner, those with sensitive gums might feel uncomfortable.


Traditional Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes provide a great amount of control over how you brush your teeth. This makes them ideal for those with gum sensitivity or parents trying to teach their children how to brush.


This also means that you need to practice excellent brushing techniques when using a traditional toothbrush. It can be easy to miss spots while brushing (like the backs of your molars or your gums) when manually brushing, or not using enough pressure on the areas that need it the most.


Traditional toothbrushes are also more cost-efficient than electric toothbrushes. With a variety of options available, you can pick up a quality toothbrush for less than $10.

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Electric vs. Traditional Toothbrushes – Which Is the Best Option?

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