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Don’t Ignore These Signs of Tooth Decay

Don't Ignore These Signs of Tooth Decay

Cavities are surprisingly one of the most common health problems. In the United States alone, there are over 3 million cases yearly. While you may not immediately experience pain while a cavity starts forming, you do risk it over time.

Here are a couple of signs you may have a cavity forming.

Bad Breath

If you’re finding you have a significant amount of bad breath and are unable to pin down the cause, it’s possible you have a cavity forming. As cavity active eats away at the tooth, this will usually give off an unpleasant aroma within your mouth.

A Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Like bad breath, the process of a forming cavity will often leave you with a poor taste in your mouth. This can be tough to notice and is not nearly as recognizable as bad breath.

Visible Holes and Dark Spots

If you can see holes in your mouth, you definitely have a problem. This is usually caused by cavities, and can also show up as black or brown spots on your teeth. This is a sign you have a cavity far along or possibly a more serious issue. Either or the two alone is cause for concern.

Bleeding While Brushing

If you find yourself spitting out blood with your toothpaste every morning, this is a sign of gum disease. Gum disease is one of the symptoms you will display if you are battling a cavity or other dental issue.

Swelling Gums

Again, this is another sign of gum disease and is usually caused by a cavity, if not something worse. Both are good reasons to visit your dentist.

Tooth Pain

Whether you experience constant pain, pain while eating, or sensitivity to temperature, these can all be signs of a cavity. While some can be caused by other issues or nothing, it would be wise to visit your dentist if you experience any type of tooth pain.

Of course, nobody can tell you exactly what problem you may have with your teeth than a professional.

If you have concerns about your dental health, visit Dentistry at 1818 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA to get a professional opinion and perfect solution. 

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Tooth Decay

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