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The Dangers of Brushing with Too Much Gusto

The Dangers of Brushing with Too Much Gusto

You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, but did you know that you can actually damage your teeth while brushing if you’re using too much force? Some people get a little too excited when they start brushing, but all that extra force can wear away at your teeth’s enamel. Find out why you should avoid being too aggressive when brushing your teeth.

Receding Gums

If you brush too hard, your gums will get irritated and slowly start to recede. This leaves more of the tooth exposed to bacteria. But once your gums recede, they will not grow back. You’ll need to sign up for a gum graft surgery in which the dentist removes part of your gums from another section of your mouth and uses them to help cover the affected area.

Overly Sensitive Teeth

When your gums recede, your teeth will become overly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. You might have to switch to a toothpaste that’s designed specifically for sensitive teeth. You might also have to watch what you eat and avoid certain foods. Any of these situations can send shivers of pain and discomfort down your spine:

  • Exposing your teeth to the wind on a cold day
  • Sipping on a hot beverage like coffee or tea
  • Drinking an icy beverage
  • Eating ice cream or another frozen treat
  • Biting into a hot meal

More Vulnerable to Bacteria and Food

Your teeth will also be more vulnerable to bacteria because more of your tooth is exposed. This can lead to more cavities and tartar.

If you’re worried about your sensitive teeth or receding gums, talk to the professionals at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street for preventive and cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia.

The Dangers of Brushing with Too Much Gusto

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