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How Our Philadelphia Dentists Can Fix Your Cosmetic Issues

By November 26, 2019No Comments

If many of your teeth don’t look their best, then it is time to visit our dentist on Market Street in Philadelphia. First, our dentist can examine your teeth and collect medical images to repair dental health issues. Some of these problems can include having cavities or gum disease. After these issues are repaired, our dentist can plan a smile makeover for you that will improve your facial appearance. There are great reasons to have a smile makeover, including improving your self-esteem. Many of the problems that you may have with your smile include:

• Discolored or stained teeth
• Gum infections
• One or more missing teeth
• Old metallic fillings
• Chipped or cracked teeth

Ways that Our Dentist Can Fix Cosmetic Issues

Teeth Whitening

If you have smoked cigarettes, then you likely have stained or discolored dental enamel. Our dentist on Market Street can perform a professional teeth-whitening procedure on your teeth in approximately one hour, removing overall discolorations or mottled stains. This will improve your smile, helping you to feel more self-confident.

Replacing Metallic Fillings

When you have metal fillings, you won’t want to smile because it is embarrassing. Fortunately, our dentist can remove the old amalgam fillings to insert color-matching filings that are unnoticeable by others. This is a fast and easy procedure that is an important part of your smile makeover.

Repairing Ugly Chips and Cracks on Teeth

There are several ways to repair the ugly cracks and chips on your teeth, including with a customized dental crown that will cover an entire tooth or a thin porcelain veneer that will cover the front of a tooth. Our dentist on Market Street is able to mix bonding material to repair small chips or cracks on the teeth. Today, it is often possible to make dental restorations quickly so that you can have an attractive smile faster.

Gum Surgery to Improve a Smile

It is possible to repair the gums of your mouth to improve your smile. You may have inflammation in the gums that is making the tissue swollen or red, but with treatment, you can have healthy gum tissue in a few weeks. You can also undergo gum surgery to cover the roots of your teeth or to remove excessive amounts of gum tissue from the surface of a tooth.

Dental Bridges or Implants

If you have missing teeth, then you can replace the teeth in a variety of ways. A custom dental bridge made from plastic and metal can hold one or more full-size dental crowns to eliminate the gaps in your smile. Our dentist on Market Street is also able to insert dental implants surgically into your mouth’s gum tissues so that you will have a beautiful smile again.