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Teeth Cleaning is a vital part of overall oral health.

Taking care of our teeth starts at home, with brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. But it doesn’t end there. To keep your natural smile lasting as long as possible, it is important to see your dentist for a teeth cleaning every 6 months. Here we go over why dentists recommend you get a professional teeth cleaning every 6 months. Next month we go over what you can expect at your regular cleaning appointment.

Early Detection

At Dentistry at 1818 Market Street, we like to prevent dental problems before they happen. By visiting us at least every 6 months, we are able to identify when there are early signs of what could become a bigger pain in the mouth. We are talking about problems like gingivitis, gum disease and cavities. We are able to see the onset of these potential problems at your 6-month checkup. And we can use early intervention techniques to prevent you from having larger mouth problems. This can save you money, time and pain in the long-term. We get more into that in next month’s blog post.

Because you come to see us at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street every 6 months, we are able to track any changes in your oral health. We can look for signs of decay at your 6-month visit to get ahead of any potential tooth decay and avoid larger problems in your mouth.

Don’t wait until you have tooth pain or swollen gums to see a dentist at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street. We like to see our clients at least every 6 months to avoid problems that can lead to a toothache.


Along with an oral exam, at your 6-month dental recall appointment, your teeth will be cleaned. A dental hygienist will remove tartar and stains from your teeth. Oftentimes brushing and flossing at home is not enough to remove tartar buildup on our teeth. Tartar can lead to plaque which then causes bigger issues like gingivitis and gum disease. We have you come in to see us at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street every 6 months so we can remove tartar and plaque before it attacks your gums and teeth.

Who doesn’t love having a clean mouth? Getting a regular 6-month cleaning at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street will help you maintain a beautiful smile. Your smile will look and feel clean after your 6-month visit.

Six-month cleanings can also help if you have issues with bad breath. Sometimes bad breath can be cured or alleviated by a professional teeth cleaning.


Most dental insurance companies cover your dental appointment every 6-months. This makes it easy for you to come in and take advantage of your insurance benefits. The insurance companies understand that regular dental exams and dental checkups reduce overall healthcare costs – more on that in next month’s blog.

If you don’t have insurance, we have payment plans and dental care memberships at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street. Paying out-of-pocket for your routine dental exam every 6-months will save you money over the years, by preventing and avoiding large problems in your mouth which require more extensive intervention, like getting a tooth pulled (extraction) or root canal.

The “every 6-month rule” for visiting the dentist is not an exact science, and may not be sufficient for everyone. If you are predisposed to gum disease and gingivitis, or if you have a fast rate of decay, we may want to see you more often at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street. Keeping your teeth clean and free of tartar and plaque is the key to oral health, and that is our main goal at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street.

If you are due for your 6-month dental exam, contact Dentistry at 1818 Market Street today to make your appointment. We are accepting new patients. Appointments are available for new and existing patients.

If you are experiencing any tooth or mouth pain, swollen gums or bleeding gums, please contact us to make your appointment for an oral exam.

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