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Cosmetic Dentistry

What Can I Expect From Restorative Dentistry?

Your teeth are more than just an aspect of beauty, and healthy looking teeth that are pearly white is a sought-after effect that most people desire. On the other hand, your teeth serves a purpose as they’ll give you the function of chewing your food. Unfortunately, many individuals do not possess a picture-perfect smile. There are a number of issues that fall under oral care, such as cavities, missing teeth, gum disease and inflamed gums. Personal neglect and hereditary attributes can play a role in a person’s dental health. If you suffer from a number of dental issues simultaneously, then dental reconstruction may be the best possible solution.

Dentistry at 1818 Market Street takes restorative dentistry to another level. Our team of dental professionals can provide superior dental care. Helping individuals achieve a healthy smile is what we specialize in, and we’ve been doing so for many years. We are your Philadelphia dentist of choice and for good reasons. At our dental practice, we’ll provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We’ll also work at your convenience while offering affordable dental care. Thanks to our ability of building long-term relationships, all patients will feel right at home.

What Can I Expect From Restorative Dentistry?

The answer to this question is very simple. Your Philadelphia dentist can give your teeth exceptional functionality. Dental implants are the perfect solution for restoring your teeth to a natural-like appearance and natural-like capability. Tiny posts that are made from titanium will be surgically inserted into the jawbone. During the healing process, the titanium posts will fuse with the jawbone to create a solid and sturdy foundation. Replica teeth are fitted via the titanium posts until the permanent teeth are anchored into place. Of course, this will be achieved through multiple stages as your dentist will use a personalized approach to fit your needs.

Full-mouth dental reconstruction is designed to take care of numerous dental issues. Your Philadelphia dentist will develop a comprehensive plan to handle your needs. We utilize digital x-rays, impressions, intraoral cameras and more. Depending on the patient’s personal needs, we can take care of fillings, clean away decay, replace missing teeth and straighten your teeth if need be. Dental crowns, dental implants and teeth whitening are all provided during the reconstruction process.