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Cosmetic Dentistry

Why Consider Invisalign

Invisalign is available from our Philadelphia dentist to repair mild to moderate dental malocclusions. These clear plastic aligners are appropriate for teenagers and adults who can take care of the items each day. Here are some of the things that patients should understand about treatment with Invisalign aligners.

How Are Invisalign Aligners Made?

First, our dentist will examine a patient’s mouth along with collecting medical images and molds of the mouth. The X-rays will help our dentist to create aligners that fit properly. The medical images and molds are analyzed by a computer to make up to 30 sets of dental aligners. 

How Long Do Patients Wear Each Set of Aligners? 

Each set of aligners is only worn for two to three weeks. A patient will change to the next set of aligners in the series. The aligners are made in a slightly different shape to apply pressure to the teeth to create a perfect smile and bite. 

How Many Hours a Day Should a Patient Wear the Aligners? 

Invisalign patients must wear aligners for most of the night or day. Our Philadelphia dentist suggests removing the aligners while chewing food, drinking beverages or performing oral hygiene. 

How Do Patients Care for the Aligners? 

Caring for the aligners is essential to keep the items clear and to avoid having bad breath. Our patients can rinse the Invisalign aligners several times a day, but we also recommend using a soft toothbrush and mild toothpaste to keep the devices sanitized. 

Are There Any Side Effects from Invisalign? 

Our patients must learn how to place the aligners properly over the top and bottom teeth. If our patients have any discomfort, then it is okay to use dental wax on the gums or other soft tissues of the mouth. Our Philadelphia dentist suggests that patients take pain relievers or use ice packs to alleviate the discomfort from adjusting to aligners. 

What Can Patient’s Do When an Aligner Falls Apart? 

When an aligner degrades for some reason, our patients can switch to the next aligner in the series. Make sure to contact our dentist about the problem, and also, save the degraded aligner for us to inspect for any problems such as bruxism damage. 

How Long Do Patients Need to Wear Aligners?

The amount of time required for aligner treatment varies. Some of our patients have mild malocclusions that are repaired in six months, but other patients must wear the customized aligners for almost two years. 

To learn more about Invisalign aligners, contact our Philadelphia dentist at Dentistry at 1818 Market Street with a telephone call to 215-567-2666.